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Welcome to UKirk!

What is UKirk?College UKirk

UKirk (literally meaning University Church) is the Presbyterian (USA) college ministry in Tuscaloosa. We're actually a part of a larger network of PC(USA) campus ministries (called UKirk Ministries) who seeks to reach, teach, and love college students so that they may be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. Locally, though, we are a ministry of First Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa.

When and where do y'all meet?

We have a weekly schedule that includes a home-cooked meal and worship gathering on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at the Presbyterian Student Center.  We also have other activities throughout the year. 

How do I get involved?

You can contact James, or take a look at our Facebook Group or Facebook Page or Twitterfeed! You can also follow us on Instagram @ukirkua!

Do y'all do missions or retreats or anything like that?

Yes, yes, and yes! We have fall and spring retreats and we attend the College Conference at Montreat in January. We even have a lock-in at First Presbyterian! Our students have also led retreats for middle and high schoolers throughout the South, including one in Mobile in March 2014.
As far as missions go, we participate in local, domestic, and international missions. Each fall, we go trick or treating on Halloween for canned goods to participate in the Beat Auburn/Beat Hunger food drive. We also are active in local Habitat for Humanity builds, the Community Soup Bowl, and the University Presbyterian Church Food Bank. We have visited Orlando, Miami, New Orleans, Nashville, and Washington, D.C. on previous mission trips. Also, in May 2012 and December 2013, a group of us headed to Haiti to work with the St. Joseph's Home For Boys. For our work locally and internationally, Bama UKirk was named 2014 Most Outstanding Religious Organization at the University of Alabama!


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