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First Presbyterian Church Apps


We have an app that you can download to stay up to date with everything at First Presbyterian Church! Register for Wednesday Night Dinners, find out about upcoming events, find daily Bible readings and devotionals, and even check the calendar!

Click here to download the app now! (be sure to click APP in the top right corner if you don't see your app store options immediately)

Click here for a step by step guide to downloading and using the app.


Shelby Next App

The Shelby Next app lets you access the directory with member addresses, phone numbers, and more - as well as allows you to easily pay your tithe or for an event. Click here or watch the video below to download it and get started today!

Shelby Next Tutorial with text
First Presbyterian Tuscaloosa |
01/16/2019 |
Simple how-to instructions for setting up your Shelby Next app