The mission of the Christian Education Committee is to encourage the teaching of the Bible and growth in Christian Faith. 

Adult Sunday School

Sunday School classes at FPC center on a variety of topics, include all age ranges and are led in a wide array of formats.

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Balancing Faith (ages 21-40), Room 204

This class is designed for young adults (21+) to explore the Bible, their faith and how it relates to their everyday lives. 

Bible 101 (ages 30’s-80's), Room 203

The men and women of mixed ages and backgrounds in this class meet each week for an engaging survey study of the Bible.

Current Issues (ages 20’s - 90's), Room 206

This class explores issues that are currently in the news or being discussed. Drop in for a single topic or come every week. 

Fellowship (ages 50’s - 90's), McGiffert Prayer Chapel

The men and women of this class study the Bible and sing together every Sunday.

Journey (ages 30’s-60's), Room 205

The adults in this class, many with school-aged children, meet for an engaging study of the Bible and books on life-related topics.

McCain (ages 40’s-60's), Room 208

The men and women in this class meet together each week for singing and Bible study. 

New Young Adult Class (ages 20’s-30's), Room 200, Brandon Parlor

This class focuses on developing a more mature faith by addressing some of the most controversial, or difficult to defend, challenges to faith.

Pacesetters (ages 40's-90's), Room 207

The men and women of this class engage in lively discussion on a variety of contemporary cultural, faith, religious and moral issues.

Searchers (ages 40's-60's), Room 212

The men and women in this class seek to discern God's will for their lives through the study of scripture and current literature.

Mature Members (M&Ms)

The mature members at FPC are always on the go! Cruises, cooking school, caroling, and the like. Learn more about how you can get involved by calling the church office today!


Presbyterian Women

All women of FPC are considered to be members of the Presbyterian Women. Small groups of women, called Circles, meet monthly for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. Learn more about the Presbyterian Women by contacting the church office for a PW member's contact information. 

Contact Us!

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