Preschool Approach

Child-Centered, Play-Based Learning

Our classrooms are designed to provide children with opportunities for intellectual discovery through “play.” Classrooms are intentionally arranged in learning centers to promote children’s intrinsic curiosity while producing measureable outcomes. Although not exhaustive, the following centers are typically found in your child’s class environment:

  • Reading Center: develop print awareness; recognize letters and sounds; improve comprehension; reinforce sight words

  • Math/Science Center: group, sort, classify objects; estimate, weigh, measure; learn about numbers; enhance cognitive skills; predict outcomes; discover/explore; draw conclusions from observations

  • Art/Writing Center: develop fine motor skills; engage in creative expression/imagination; improve hand-eye coordination; communicate ideas

  • Puzzle Center: develop spatial concepts; practice problem solving

  • Block Center: develop spatial concepts; engage in cooperative play; improve gross motor skills; exercise imagination; experiment with balance

  • Music/Listening Center: develop rhythm; express ideas; improve listening skills; learn about other cultures; expand vocabulary; use pre-reading skills; make connections between stories and illustrations

  • Home Living Center: develop communication skills; play cooperatively; enhance imagination; explore real life situations

  •  Library Center: practice independent reading strategies; expand vocabulary; learn to take care of books; expand vocabulary



Bible Curriculum:

God Loves Me: The Bible in 52 Storybooks

Our Bible Curriculum is a series of fifty-two Bible Storybooks complete with follow-up activities, a CD of songs, and a program guide. The goals of God Loves Me are to:

  • foster in young children an eagerness to learn about God

  • acquaint children with Bible stories, especially those that focus on Jesus

  • provide little ones with a warm and nurturing place to learn about God’s love from people who model it for them


Academic Curricula:


The HighScope Curriculum reflects the latest discoveries in early childhood education. The curriculum covers all aspects of child development, including physical, social, and emotional development; language and literacy; mathematics and science; and the creative arts. The curriculum also aligns with state early childhood learning standards. The hallmark of the HighScope Curriculum is the Plan-Do-Review process, in which children make and carry out plans, then reflect on their accomplishments. Plan-Do-Review, Problem Solving, and Teacher-Child Relationships are integral components of the HighScope Curriculum. Classrooms are organized into interest areas (learning centers) and stocked with a variety of materials to stimulate children’s thinking, creativity, and problem solving. Open areas provide infants and toddlers with space to test and develop motor skills. Our HighScope classrooms are warm and inviting and reflect the families in the program and the local communities.


First Class Pre-K:

 State-Funded Education for 4-year old children

For the past two years at least 20 of our 4-year old students have been able to receive 6 ½ hours of Pre-K instruction at no cost to parents. This is made possible by grant funds received through the State of Alabama’s Office of School Readiness. This state-funded Pre-K program allows the Preschool to provide high-quality, early childhood services that will help prepare children for school success and lifelong learning. Through hands-on exploration and discovery, children develop confidence and critical thinking skills in a developmentally appropriate, content-rich learning environment.

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While the aforementioned curricula serve as a framework, teachers incorporate other learning experiences into the preschool environment based on children’s developmental needs and interests. Every attempt is also made for all learning activities to be responsive to the values, beliefs, language and culture of each family represented in the classroom.


Extra-Curricular Activities

CHOM – Children’s Hands-On Museum

  • field trip for Pre-K (4-year olds)

  • once per month for 1 ½ hours

  • promotes learning by stimulating curiosity, creativity, and shared discovery

  • fees = costs paid by The Preschool

COMPUCHILD – STEM Technology Education

  • Children ages 2 years and older

  • Meets once per week for 30 minute sessions

  • Introduces children to technology education through while supporting hands-on activities, repetition, social interaction, teamwork, cooperation, logical progression, & creativity

  • Fees = $8 per class and No Registration Fees!

Tumbling Tides Gymnastics

  • children ages 2 years and older

  • meets once per week for 30 minute sessions

  • introduces children to basic tumbling skills

  • fees = $30 per month

Karate – Team Lee Karate

  • children ages 3 years and older

  • meets once per week for 30 minute sessions

  • focuses on developing coordination, discipline, and respect

  • fees = $55 per month

Soccer Shots – instruction through Soccer Shots Affiliates

  • children ages 2 years and older

  • meets once per week for 30 – 40  minute sessions

  • builds character while introducing children to basic soccer skills

  • fees = varies by age group and enrollment option

Tuscaloosa Children’s Theatre

  • field trip for PreK (4 –year olds)

  • occurs two-times per year

  • 1 ½ hour stage performance

  • fees = costs paid by The Preschool


Summer Camp: Grades K – 2nd

Our child-centered camp environment is specifically designed for children in grades Kindergarten through 2nd. Academic enrichment (science, math, reading, social studies), Bible exploration, field trips, Vacation Bible School, and sport activities are but a few of the experiences students receive while being nurtured and engaged daily by Early Childhood Staff.